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Maghera Townlands

There are 38 townlands in Maghera



Baile-mic-giollcuin Magilcors Town. In the west part of the Glen parish, north of Crew and bounded on the north by the Grillagh River. Other suggested derivations are - Baile-mac-maoil-cuirr,townland of the O'Corrs , Baile-maga-coille-ceagardac townland of the plain wood , Bally-mac-ghiollachorr meaning Church lands. 341 acres.


upper - Baile-mac-piaca The town of the MacPeakes. In the east boundary of the Parish in the district of Tamlaght O'Crilly. Another derivation is Baile-mic-piece MacPeakes town. 1,101 acres.


Baile-na-croire The town of the Cross or Crossroads. In the south of the parish on the north boundary of the parish Termoneeny and south of Slaughtybogey. 307 acres.


Beg - Bailena-h-abann The Townland of the River. It is in the southwest of Glen Parish and is bounded on the south by the river Moyola and from this the name of the Townland is derived. 569 acres.


Beigeac The place abounding in Birch Trees .South of Curragh and Tamnymartin, another derivative is - Beitheach Church Lands. 238 acres.


Breacac-ui-Ragailligig - O'Reilly's speckled townland. On the west side of the Glen parish south of Fallaghloon. Other derivations are - Bracac-radailli The rough ground of the beams of oak or fir or lying in a bog.- Bracac-rardlead The broken ground of the darnel grass. 1,157 acres.


Craig-a-dearc - The rock of the eye or cave. In the west part of the parish south of Craigmore and west of Largantogher . Both the Milltown and Blackburn streams flow across the townland , there is no caves here. Other derivatives - Creag-an-dige- The rock of the dike and Creag-radoire - The rock of the will of the wisp. 348 acres.


Craig-mor - The great rock. On the west boundary of the Parish west of Tamnymullan. 412 acres.


Craed -The place of the Branchy tree. In the east part of Glen Parish and north west of Curragh. Other suggestions include - Crom - The place of the nuts and - Craod - The place of strengh the fort. 491 acres.


Curt-cnadarde - The corner of the sluggard or scoffer. East of Ballymacilcur and bounded by the Grillagh River on the east. Another suggestion is - Curt-an-gadarde - The corner of the thief. 489 acres.


Currrac - The marsh or moor or bog . In the east of the parish south east of Crew. 411 acres.


Corran - The reaping hook or point. North west of Toberhead. Another derivation is - Carran - The rocky land. 538 acres.


Draignean - The little blackthorn in the Lavey Parish 1,425 acres.


Druim-ard - The high ridge. North of Rocktown in the Lavey Parish . 984 acres.


Druim-conriada - Conready or Reids ridge. West of Kirley in the Glen Parish. 490 acres.


Druim-Leam - The ridge of the elm tree. In the south east of Lavey Parish . 1,147 acres.


Druim-muc - The ridre of the Pigs. West of Dreenan in the Lavey Parish. 827 acres.


Dun-cloitige - The fort of Cloitighe or Glaidighe . On a hill 229 feet in the north east of the town. There is a large and perfect fort/rath with treble walls and a trench. Other derivations include - Dun-Glaidide - O'Donovan's fort , Dun-ic-leige MacGlady's fort and Dun-g-cloic-tig The fort of the stone house. 520 acres.


Fal-guirt-riabaig - The hedge or enclosure of the Grey Field. Home of Watty Graham Park in the parish of Glen Maghera. Another suggestive meaning is - Fal-gort-treabtac - The field enclosure of the farmer. 312 acres.


Fala-gluin - The hedge or enclosure of the knee. Dervied from the miraculous impression of the knee of a saint possibly of St. Lurach. North west of the parish and north and east of Brackaghreilly. 1640 acres.


Gort-eada- The field of jealousy or reproach on the north east corner of Maghera within Granahan Parish. Other suggestions include - Gore-daid - David's field, Gore-aeda - Hugh's field and Gore-eard - the field of contention. 488 acres.


Greallac- The marshy or boggy place. Within this townland was an ancient Monastery named - Manirter-na-greallac within Granahan Parish.254 acres.


Guala-duba - The black shoulders of the hill or Gaible-duba. Within Lavey parish . Another name - Gula-duba - The black coals. 383 acres.


Cerde - The smooth topped hills. Within Granahan Parish 405 acres.


Cor-liat - The grey round hill. Other derivations are -Coirealai The quarries , Carr-leac The rocky land of the flagstones, Carr-liat The grey rock. Glen Parish. 520 acres.


Leargan-tocair- The hill side of the causeway. St Lurach church site is within this townland. Another name is Leargain-tacair- The hillside battle. 285 acres.


Lior-na-muc - The fort of the pigs. East of Kirley. 284 acres.


Meacanac- The place of the Parsnips. A derivative for this townland in Granahan Parish is - Air-a-macnaig- A sports field. A poem by Thaddeus O'Brollaghan over 200years ago in Spain called Mackagh -Macnaig. 492 acres.


Moin-mor- The great bog or Muine-mor The great Shubbery. In the town of Maghera between Ash Drive and McKennas Rise including Station Road and part of Crew Road. 269acres.


Mag-na-gall- The plain of the Englishman or Foreigner. Another derivative is Mag-a-goll - The plain of the Goll (McMorna). The centre of Lavey with 792 acres.


Translated into Irish the meaning is -Baile-na-carraige- . The old name is said to be - Tir-a-carran - The rocky district. Within Lavey Parish. 757 acres.


Leact-ui-dogaig - The sepulchral monument of the O'Bogys. Also - Leact-a-bogac - The sepulchral monument of the Bog. Within Lavey with some 462 acres.


Tamnac-Martain- Martin's field within Maghera with some 124 acres.


Tamnac-ui-Maolain - O'Mullan's field. Within Glen Parish. 445 acres.


Tir-gairberl - The land of gravrl. Bounded by the Clady and Grillagh Rivers. 435 acres.


Tir-na-g-caerac - The land of the sheep. Some 411 acres.


Tiobraid -The well or spring. Other derivations are -Tobar-ceide- The will on the green hill, Tobar-iadta- The close well. 726 acres.


At-an-purtain- The ford of the little bank. Also -Acad-an-purtain- The field of the little turf bank, - Uacdarac- (adjective of Uacdar ) The upper place corrupted to Upperlands. 568 acres.