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26 July 2019

We recently have received a surge in reports of dog poo being found in our facilities at Watty Graham Park, particularly on the playing pitches. In case anyone needs reminded of the associated risks, please read below ... • Dog waste is an environmental pollutant. Just 30g of dog poo can contain over 23 million microorganisms of bacteria. • Disease and viruses such as E.Coli and Coccidia can be spread in dog faeces. Again, possibly passing it on to humans, especially to children playing. • That dog poo can contain worms and their eggs. Some of them, like Toxocara Canis (roundworm), can cause disease or infections in humans. Just one pile of dog poo can contain a million roundworm eggs! In humans, this can lead to stomach upsets, throat infections, asthma and in some cases blindness. Over 100 cases of partial blindness in children are seen every year due to Toxocara canis eggs in faeces. Due to the actions of some careless dog owners, NO DOGS are allowed into our playing facilities. The safety of our members, especially our children and visiting children is paramount!!

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