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Zero Tolerance on Abuse of Refereees/Officials

19 June 2017

FYI ........... CCC have been dealing with an increasing number of ‘abuse of referee’ infractions over the past weeks. These incidents have included both verbal and physical abuse of referees as well as threatening behaviour towards referees. There is a ‘zero tolerance’ policy within the county on all types of abuse on referees/officials and clubs must take responsibility for the behaviour of their members and ‘known partisans’ as detailed in Rule 3.1(b) of the Official Guide. We would remind Club Chairpersons and Secretaries that they are ultimately held responsible for all activities of their club. CCC have discussed this matter at length and want to make clubs aware of the following protocol which will be used in dealing with the club; in addition to any proposed penalty on the individual(s) responsible for the infraction. •First Offence within a club: A Letter of Warning to club regarding the conduct of their members and known partisans. •Second Offence within a club: A Second letter of Warning with a proposed sanction which will be imposed on the club in the event of a further offence. This is likely to be a one month pitch closure, but will be at the discretion of CCC. •Third Offence – Implementation of Sanction proposed in the second letter. I would ask that you take the above message very seriously as we are rolling this policy out with immediate effect. Is mise le meas, Bríd bn Uí Néill/Breige O'Neill, Derry Games Administrator. Runaí CCC

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